Who we are

Metricon SA, founded in 2006, specialises in the field of high technology, with emphasis on the design and production of electronic measuring systems and wireless applications. Our company aims to transform modern technological applications into innovative solutions for consumers and businesses in the private and public sectors. Metricon SA, is engaging in various technology disciplines:


In the global fuel market, developing high quality and precision measurement systems. The accredited laboratory of Metricon ensures for both the corporate client and the consumer reliability during transport, delivery and sale of fuel.


In the design and manufacture of innovative electronics. The R&D department of Metricon creates products that meet the needs of consumers and businesses.


In the development of wireless sensor systems with various applications such as electronic sealing of fuel tank trucks and thermal scanning. Metricon’s R&D department in collaboration with the company’s Production Department, design and manufacture sensors with wireless data transfer capability, according to market and customer needs. All the company’s products are designed, developed and manufactured “in-house” at Metricon’s modern facilities in Greece, using leading technological innovations, internationally patented.


2006: Metricon Ltd. is founded in Patras, by a team of experienced scientists and technicians, who form the core of the company. Its first product was the Metricon Petroleum System (MPS), still an innovative and most competitive product on the Greek and the global market.

2009: Metricon develops and manufactures Thermometricon, the Infrared Body Temperature Detection System, designed to prevent commonly transmitted, dangerous diseases. Metricon, providing early the implementation of integrated fuel management systems in petrol stations, designed and constructed MVS, an innovative mobile system for fuel tank strapping. Establishes partnerships with major oil companies in Greece such as EKO, Hellenic Petroleum, Shell, BP, Avin and Aegean.

2012: Metricon upgraded its corporate status, transforming into a Company and its basic core of employees fortified by highly trained staff, expanding the company’s structure.

TODAY: Metricon, remaining faithful to the company vision continues to develop innovative electronic products and services.

The current company structure is:


Sales Department, Financial Department & Procurement Department

R&D Department

Calibration Laboratory

Tank Strapping Department (Data Analysts & Tank Strapping Technicians)

Measuring Mass Department

Production Department 

Our Vision

The vision of Metricon SA, is to redefine accuracy and safety by creating innovative electronic instrumentation and digital systems. Incorporating high-precision technology, Metricon provides reliable and economical solutions in energy efficiency and in various other issues that businesses and households are facing around the world.