MetriLOCK – M: Wireless Sensors for the Shipping Industry

Metricon, presented its a demo with the new generation of wireless sensors for vessels and various other applications in the global maritme industry.

This is the advanced version of the “MetriLOCK” sensor series commercially known as “MetriLOCK-M Series II” including the individual sensors “Series II – R” and “Series II – OC”, which detect the rotational movement of valves and the opening-closing of any any enclosed space on-board a vessel or system, piping arrangement or piece of equipment where there is a necessity for on board surveillance.

The “MetriLOCK-M Series II” wireless sensors, offer new capabilities for monitoring and controlling numerous operations on board vessels, meeting the specific needs and growing demands of the global shipping industry in the areas of safety of life at sea, protection of the marine environment, safety of navigation and marine pollution prevention and avoidance.



The completed demo, with MetriLOCK-M sensors positioned on the ship model
















The “open-close” “MetriLOCK-M Series II – OC” detection sensor

















The “MetriLOCK-M Series II – R” rotation detection sensor


To demo in the R&D department’s  Testing Laboratory for final review



The completed demo with sensors installed


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