The R&D staff of the Metricon consists of highly qualified personnel such as Physics, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers as well as Electronic Engineers, forming a strong team that designs and develops all innovative products of the Metricon.

The current R&D team develops the following systems, creating new applications:

Automatic Vehicle Identification (Automatic Vehicle Identification)

Metricon R&D Department develops a wide range of active tags (RFID Tags) and reading devices (RFID readers) serving as an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system. This system can provide reliable vehicle identification to large distances with excellent performance, for parked as well as vehicles in motion. The devices can be used in many applications such as automatic certification of vehicles, in fleet management systems etc.

Fleet Management (Fleet Management)

The R&D Department develops products for innovative fleet management of company cars, vans or trucks. The solutions provided by Metricon include the development of devices that combine wireless communication, global positioning technologies (GPS), cellular services (GPRS) as well as Internet services, all accompanied by the appropriate software to access the services provided. The capabilities provided by the system include:

Real time tracking using GPRS technology

GPS tracking adapted to customer requirements

Controls vehicle safety parameters

Moreover, the R&D Department is also developing products aimed at improving: road safety, cost-effectiveness and the effect of vehicles in the environment. With solutions for external, fast and non-intrusive monitoring of certain characteristics of the vehicle, the driver can be automatically updated if the vehicle is operating within its specifications, without having to stop and check.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement System

Finally, Metricon R&D Department is developing products that provide a new method for carrying out market research or customer satisfaction measurements using electronic devices. Every customer research can be conducted simultaneously in various geographical locations. The results are presented in a special software application, which provides a range of editing tools, and can be updated in real time.