The vision of METRICON S.A. is:

  • The continuous monitoring and development in our field, in order to evolve by offering an expanded range of cutting-edge technological products and services of high technical expertise.
  • The absolute satisfaction of our customers, through understanding and satisfying their requirements and providing products and services that comply both with our contractual obligations and with the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • The continuous quality improvement of the products and services provided and the efficiency of our operation.
  • The enhancement of our Qualities philosophy, with the aim of shaping our staff’s perception in understudying and identifying with our vision for achieving business excellence in the entire range of our companies’ activities.
  • The continuous improvement of our position in the market, in a way that does not compromise the quality of products and services and the name of our company in the market.

To achieve our vision:

  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of our effectiveness through the provision of the necessary resources and means and the establishment of specific, measurable and realistic quality objectives which we continuously monitor and review.
  • We identify and evaluate threats and opportunities that affect our operation and the compliance of our products
  • We make our quality policy understandable within the company through continuous and systematic staff training and information on quality issues
  • We protect our customers’ personal data and therefore do not share sensitive customer information.

METRICON S.A. Administration