“Electronic Metering Systems” (Metricon) S.A. designed, developed and manufactures in its production unit, a fully automated, electronic device to ensure the correct operation of the Vapour Recovery System STAGE I in Liquid Fuel Stations.

This electronic device bears the trade name “VAPOURGUARD”®™ and fully meets the required specifications as defined in the Existing Legislation and specifically in Law 4439/2016 (F.E.K. vol. A’ 222/30-11- 16) “Incorporation into Greek legislation of Directive 2014/94/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014 on the development of alternative fuel infrastructures, simplification of the licensing process and other provisions of fuel and energy service stations and other provisions” and specifically those expressly are described in Article 25: “Maintenance of operation of existing and licensing of new liquid fuel stations and car parks with liquid fuel pumps on the ground floors of buildings with floors”.

This device is a permanently installed interlock system and includes remote-controlled fuel cut-off valves, which allow the supply of liquid fuel to the tanks, only if they are controlled in two independent ways (as required by Law 4439) for the entire period of receipt fuel the following:

a) the correct connection of the rubber return arm of the tanker’s gasoline vapours with the collection and return pipe of the gas station’s gasoline vapours, as well as

b) the correct connection of the grounding device of the tanker with the grounding system of the filling station.

It also meets the clarifications issued by the ministry on 11/04/2017 with No. Prot. 16399/1168, according to which:
☛ Two ways of checking the correct connection of the return arm are required:
• arm removal
• leakage of gasoline vapours from the pipe
☛ Two methods of ground control are required:
• ground removal
• ground value out of range
☛ Provision should be made for safe disconnection of discharge pipes after a break
☛ Mandatory pressure measurement throughout the receiving interval ensuring that there are no leaks
Automatic recording of notifications in an electronic log file


System Description

The “VapourGuard” system consists of two wireless sensors, which control in real time and in two independent ways the following:

a) the petrol vapour return valve of the gas station, as well as
b) the station’s grounding system

to properly operate (open/close) the fuel cut-off valves allowing fuel to be supplied only if:

a) the petrol vapour return valve is open and there are no vapour leaks and
b) the grounding system is used providing the correct grounding value.

The “VapourGuard” system includes a Control Panel that allows the user to select one of the available tanks (when the user presses the corresponding button) to be fueled. The system then confirms that the selected tank is properly connected to the fuel road tanker by checking that the recovery valve is open and there are no vapour leaks.

The “VapourGuard” System, following the correct application of the Law, monitors throughout the fuel delivery the pressure measurement in the vapour recovery pipe from the fuel tanks to the road tanker.

Once the “VapourGuard” system determines that there are no leaks and the grounding system is in proper use, it opens the fuel inlet valve to the selected tank. Throughout refueling it is checked in real time that none of the conditions have changed (recovery valve open, ground in use, tank without gas leaks).

If any of the monitored conditions change during delivery, the “VapourGuard” system generates an alarm via its beacon/siren and automatically closes the supply valve after a few seconds, thus giving enough time for the smooth interruption of the power supply.

The Control Panel also offers additional functions, such as a fuel return function (eg for liter measurement) and a test leak test. In addition, it has an internal display that shows the current pressure that the system measures in the vapour recovery pipe. (use: L. 4439, article 25 supporting documents submitted measure the completion of the works).


Αutomated electronic system for proper operation

STAGE 1 of liquid fuel stations.


Main Buttons & Functions


Optional Systems

Fire Safety and Hydrocarbon Systems

VAPOURGUARD has the ability to integrate:

  • Hydrocarbon sensor system
  • Fire detection & fire extinguishing system

providing a complete solution, presenting both the indications of their proper operation and activating the possible audible and visual alarms.

When one of the collaborating systems generates an alarm, the delivery of fuel is interrupted for safety reasons and the start of a new delivery is prevented, activating a central shutdown of the entire station.

Note: “VapourGuard” does not interfere with the operation of the systems it integrates, all the notifications it produces are based on the manufacturer’s instructions.