One of the most important and most significant issues that continuously arises in every country’s network of fuel stations, is the drifting of the fuel dispensers and the need to re-calibrate them according to the manufacturers standards as well as to each country’s specific legislation regarding metrological aspects of fuel dispensers, based on common practice deriving from internationally accepted standards of measurement, calibration and calculation of uncertainty.
Metricon having in mind all of the above is developing an integrated system of barometric method, aiming to replace the existing method of manual fuel dispensers and thus eliminate possible human errors.
The system under development will be placed on a wheeled vehicle which will improve the accuracy of the measuring quantity through the inclusion of a series of factors that have not yet been counted such as, the density, the climatic conditions, the output temperatures at the pump but also of the input dispensers as well as through the measurements that will be made at the different velocities of the fuel exit from the pump gun ,finally the calculation of the total amount will be done with high precision instruments and not with the human eye.
The required implementation time will be significantly reduced as the system is fully automated with minimal human involvement.
The extracted results will come from an accredited process. This strengthens their quality as well as their legal weight.



  • Volume
  • Weight
  • Density
  • Temperature (ind. temperature change from inlet to tank at relaxing state)
  • Environmental data
  • Tilt
  • GPS data
  • Flow rate
  • Generates report automatically with measured data and calculated data