Metricon AE designed and developed the MVS Automated Tank Volumetric System (OBI patent). It is an automatic and fully equipped mobile workshop with the ability to measure barrels and tanks with a capacity from 0.5 to 100m3.

Metricon’s accredited Calibration Laboratory applies the ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard & issues Calibration Certificates bearing the ESYD logo, while fully complying with legislative and regulatory provisions.

Our many years of experience in the field of accredited volume measurements since 2012, the reliability and continuous improvement of the services provided have led to the creation of stable cooperation relationships with a number of private individuals as well as with the largest Oil Companies in Greece and abroad.



The operation is an automated process.

The steps of the calibration procedure are briefly described below.

Tank Calibration Benefits

The exact measurement of the amount of fuel distributed by fuel stations, as well as the amount that reaches the final consumer, concerns all the parties involved (oil companies, fuel stations, consumers). Volumetric measurement is a basic condition for the exact knowledge of the quantities of fuel that are traded and the operation and reliability of Input-Output is based on it.

Method of Tank Calibration

The Tank calibration laboratory of Metricon S.A. has been accredited since 2013 according to the ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Specifically, the volumetric measurement is carried out using the gravimetric method and is in accordance with the ISO 4269 standards “Tank Calibration by liquid measurement – Incremental method using volumetric meters”, NIST 250-72 “Calibration Services for Liquid Volume”, the OIML R 71 standard of recommendation of the International Organization of Legal Metrology and the EURAMET cg-19 standard “Guidelines on the determination of uncertainty in gravimetric volume calibration”.

Expertise and Experience

The provision of highly reliable services and the expertise of our staff contributed substantially to the creation of cooperative and trusting relationships with all businesses in the sector. Specifically, Metricon S.A.’s Tank Calibration Laboratory has calibrated more than 1,200 tanks in gas stations and 500 road tanker vehicles.

The MVS Tank calibration system is a Metricon patent. It is an automatic and fully equipped mobile workshop with the ability to measure barrels and tanks with a capacity from 0.5 to 100m3.
The tank calibration method is based on three separate systems that work in parallel, the Dosing System, the Level Measurement System and the Control and Recording System. Measuring liquid – water – is channeled from a tank installed in the MVS (with a capacity of about 1m3) to the Dispensing System device. The transferred quantity, doses of approximately 100L, is weighed by high-precision load cells – gravimetric method – and it is channeled into the volumetric tank. Proceeding to the second weighing in the Dispensing System device in order to measure the liquid residues which remained inside the device and to accurately determine the quantity that is finally channeled into the volumetric tank. Inside the tank, the level measuring device consisting of electronic sensors measures and records the level digitally. The process is repeated until the tank is filled at a rate of 5m3/h. During tank drops, all factors that contribute to and affect the tank calibration results temperature in the tank, temperature in the Dosing System, environmental conditions, and liquid density are measured and recorded. Having completed the tank calibration process, the data are sent to the Laboratory where they are evaluated, analyzed and the volumetric tables are created in the required format.
The procedure mentioned above is based on recognized methods. This fact combined with the use of calibrated equipment gives the possibility of providing results of accuracy depending on the capacity of the tank.


Ensuring measures

and safety rules in accordance with the legislative framework for Health and Safety at work





Tank or road tanker pick up

 for volume measurement and evaluation of technical requirements


Specialized staff

of Metricon SA sets up the MVS and performs periodic quality checks on system operation



of the tank


Issue of Calibration Certificate

and Volumetric Tables

For the gas station

5m3/hr metering speed with the least possible disturbance.

Maximum accuracy – minimum possible error.

For the company / administrator

Insurance of fuel products against fraudulent acts.

Improving the corporate image and credibility of the brand in the market.

For the customer

Ensuring quantity and quality of fuel supplied every time.