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MPS® Flowmeter

The MPS® Flowmeter is an electronic device measuring the volume of fluid passing through. The principle of operation is utilizing the ultrasound imaging method of measuring the propagation time of a sound wave between two points in a different position along the flow. The difference in the propagation time of the sound wave between these fixed points (when it propagates towards the one and then the other direction) by the direction of flow is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. At completion, the total volume of liquid is measured. MPS® Flowmeter is developed for solving the problem of lack of fuel quantities delivered to the final customers and provides precise quantity and quality control. The MPS® Flowmeter guarantees the sale of fuel and is the only patent registered electronic oil measurement system in Europe (PCT GR 2009/000041).

Built-in Functions

The MPS® Flowmeter, except from measuring the total volume of fluid passing through, introduces other functions, especially for use in fuels, such as:

  • Detection of Air in the fuel flow.
  • Detection of Water in the fuel flow.
  • Reverse measuring (calculates and removes volume during fuel aspiration).
  • Measuring fuel temperature.
  • Automatic calculation of the volume at 15°C.
  • Easy, quick and safe connection.
  • System fully portable, battery operated.
  • It does not prevent the flow of fuel (contains no moving mechanical parts).
  • Screen with 32 alphanumeric characters, 2 lines of text in Greek (programmable for other languages).


  • Suitable for measuring heating oil or motor oil only.Range fuel flow: 50 liters per minute (lt / min) up to 250 liters per minute.
  • Accuracy of volume measurement: ± 0.5% for volume count greater than 200 liters in the above range and flow, without the presence of air in the fuel.
    • For any quantity measured the maximum error of the MPS Flowmeter reading, is displayed in liters.
    • For the measured volume of fuel mixed with air, the measurement error is greater than 1.5%, and is being calculated and displayed. Depending on the power source, the error ranges between 2% to 4%. In the case where the entire quantity of fuel received contains air above 60%, the MPS Flowmeter will fail to provide an accurate measurement.
    • When only air or water is passing through, measurement cannot be performed.
    • In case of back-flow, the error is ± 3% and volume measured is calculated and extracted.
  • Sub-indicator: 1 liter
  • Maximum volume measurement: 9999 liters
  • Saving the total volume measured in the Flowmeter’s internal non-resettable memory (maximum volume measurement: 999999 liters)
  • Fuel temperature measurement accuracy: ± 2°C
  • Detection of air presence.
  • Detection of water presence (pure or in admixture with the fuel in a proportion in excess of 2% at any time it passes through the Flowmeter).
  • Screen display with two-line, 32 alphanumeric characters, backlit.
  • Battery operated: 9V (alkaline).
  • Battery Life Duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Automatic shut-off when not in use. Internal battery status measurement and Flowmeter shutdown when the voltage supply is not sufficient for complete and accurate measurement.
  • Durable chassis for operation on harsh environments.
  • Resistance Standard: IP54 (resistant to dust and water fall without pressure from any direction).
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: -10°C -+ 40°C
  • Fuel Operating Temperature: 0°C -+ 30°C
  • Storage temperature: -15°C -+ 60°C
  • Maximum permissible humidity during operation: 80% RH
  • Warm-up time for operation: 10sec