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The recent legislative framework in Greece (N.4439 / 2016) requires – as a first step – all fuel stations and vehicle parking stations operating in the ground floors of buildings with blocks of flats, or near housing complexes, offices etc. by the end of 2017 to have completed the installation of a STAGE 1 Vapour Recovery Operation Assurance System.

For this purpose, Metricon has already developed the “VapourGuard” system, which meets all the requirements of the currently existing legislation.

The “VapourGuard” System is designed and produced by Metricon and is a technologically innovative solution for each fuel station, ensuring via fully automated processes the proper operation of the STAGE 1 Vapour Recovery System, actively helping to increase the level of safety regarding human life, while protecting the fuel station.

The “VapourGuard” System consists of:

  • Wireless Sensors Arrangements designed and produced by Metricon
  • Central Controller designed and produced by Metricon

The Wireless Sensors detect the “Opening-Closing” of the vapour recovery valve and the proper grounding of the fuel tanker truck using magnets and accelerometers.

The Central Controller by checking the sensors status, provides to the user functions for:

  • Central and Remote “Opening-Closing” of fuel tanks filling valves.
  • Leak-check test control.
  • Fuel Dispenser Calibration-Vapourisation.

For more information and demonstration of the functions and the capabilities of the “VapourGuard” System, please contact us directly either by phone (+30 2610 993 002) and / or via our main e-mail address:


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